Summer Day Camp (Youth Enrichment Summit, YES!)

Each summer the Agency provides the opportunity for underprivileged youth ages 14-16 from throughout the 14-county primary service area to attend intensive day camps focusing on topics such as life skills, household budgeting and money management, and work readiness activities.  The camp schedules are packed with wholesome, character-building activities -- all at no charge to participants -- and are designed to reinforce the value of education and help expose participants to common challenges associated with independent living and household management after entering adulthood.

The day camps are known as Youth Enrichment Summits (YES!).  YES! provides youth with experiences to enrich, empower, and inspire them to reach their full potential as students and citizens.  YES! provides a well-rounded slate of activities based on the STEAM model that focuses on science, technology, engineering, agriculture & art, and math & money management.

Youth who attend benefit from educational experiences made possible by public donations, local fundraisers such as the annual Going for the Green golf tournament, business community sponsorship, and competitive grant awards.

Tax-deductible contributions are accepted year-round.

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