Wednesday, November 01 2017 21:00

Don't Forget SWGACAC When Looking for a Charitable Tax Deduction

If you are looking for a charitable tax deduction, don't forget SWGACAC! We are designated as a 501(C)(3) charitable organization by the IRS and can always benefit from public donations.

A donation to SWGACAC is an excellent way to support the local community while decreasing your tax liability.  We provide a multitude of services and programs that you can choose from if you desire to designate your donation for a specific service or program. Click the donate button on the menu bar at the top of the home page or click HERE to make an online donation. You can also mail donations to Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, P.O. Box 3728, Moultrie, Georgia 31776-3728.

For more information contact our headquarters at 800/642-3384 or 229/985-3610.

Last modified on Tuesday, November 14 2017 13:45